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For the couples who have already started planning their Weddings and are now facing rescheduling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are here to help & spread love.

  • Rescheduling all vendors to a new dates & negotiate no deposit loss 

  • Guest management & postponement announcement 

  • Getting your Wedding back on track in a stressfree way 


  • Get your most important wedding planning questions answered 

  • Emotional support for the Bride & Groom

  • Gain important "how to" knowledge while learning what mistakes to avoid. 

  • Learn about industry standards, common practices and what's considered proper wedding etiquette. 

  • Advise cost-saving ideas, brainstorming sessions & assisting with ceremony content 



  • Review of all vendor contracts, product & service confirmation, coordination of all arrival & departure times, event set up & troubleshooting 

  • Timeline management for month-of leading up to event

  • Development of detailed on-day Event Rundown (by the minute)

  • Advice & wedding etiquette regarding industry standards 

  • Site inspection prior to wedding day 

  • On-site rehearsal & Bridal party briefing for ceremony/duties

  • Venue decoration & set up 

  • Operational & logistic management 

  • Guest logistics management 

  • Time management & full coordination on-site 

  • Orchestrate photographers shooting list

  • Manage all on- & off stage programs with troubleshooting 

  • Post-events dismantling & rental returns


  • Concept, personalized theme & color palette

  • Create personal style guide/ storyboard

  • Venue sourcing

  • Venue coordination 

  • Site inspection 

  • Design venue floor plan, layout & set up

  • Contingency planning

  • Develop detailed retro-planning & status management

  • Customize checklists & planning documents

  • Budget control with cost saving ideas

  • Customized website & app development

  • Wedding suite coordination

  • Assisting legal marriage requirements

  • Assisting with ceremony content

  • All Vendors sourcing, coordination, negotiation & booking

  • Create & coordinate entertainment & activities

  • Operational & logistic arrangements

  • Assisting with wedding attire, incl. entourage/family

  • Guestlist & RSVP management

  • Guest logistics (accommodation, transportation)

  • Wedding etiquette advice 

  • Provide speech-writing assistance 

  • Production service for customized items

  • Favors development

  • Create wedding day timeline & day-of programs 

  • Compile detailed by the minute on-day rundown

  • Compile cheat sheets for all parties involved

  • Time management & full coordination for three days on-site 

  • Manage all vendors for three days on-site

  • Venue decoration & set up for three days on-site

  • Monitor & control of all AV & tech supplies 

  • Orchestrate photographers shooting list on wedding day

  • Manage all on- & off stage programs with last min solutions 

  • On-site rehearsal & bridal party briefing for ceremony/duties

  • Full organization of welcome party 

  • Full organization of wedding day

  • Full organization of recovery brunch

  • Post-events dismantling & rental returns

  • Post-event invoice handling

  • Free Flow 24/7 of Brainstorming sessions

  • Free Flow 24/7 of Emotional support for Bride & Groom

  • Free Flow 24/7 of Q&A

  • Free Flow 247 for Communication & Planning matters


We love making your wedding more personal.

Any items with your wedding monogram, hashtag, guest names or your initials is possible with our network of great talents.

Let's talk to understand what you are looking for & the process behind. 

  • Neon Signs

  • On-Day Stationary 

  • Accessoires

  • Tailormade Outfits 

  • Bridalyparty Gifting

  • Guest Favors 

  • Tablescape Decoration 

  • Venue Decoration

  • Escort Cards 

  • Charging Stations

  • Monogrammed F&B 

  • and many others.. 


NICOLE PLEASE helps to customize and personalize engagements anywhere in the world.
We will plan all the details, coach you through the journey, book the necessary vendors, calm your nerves and surprise her in a way she never has been. We will create your engagement to be unique, thoughtful, super-romantic and seamlessly executed to make it personal, memorable because this moment is forever.



Step 1: Fill out the NICOLE PLEASE Questions Intake before our initial call. 

Step 2: Get to know you in person or via Zoom. From there we can discuss about your dreams in more detail & what details you can't live without. After our call, we will send you Packages & Services that best suit your needs. 

Once NICOLE PLEASE is confirmed as your wedding planner.. 

Phase I: We will work on the three fundamentals to begin planning. The Wedding Budget, Planning Timeline (with weekly task breakdowns) & a personalized Style Guide that includes the overall theme, color palette & define the mood & atmosphere. It includes everything from all the design elements to entertainment & customized production (neon signs, welcome bags, etc.) 

Phase II: Full planning in process & narrowing down all the fine details. 

From customization, to guest management, website building, vendor negotiation, we handle it all for you.

Phase III: On the big day, we will be here for you, emotionally & physically. We make your dream wedding day a reality so it lasts forever!

Phase IV: While you recover from the celebrations, I am in charge of returning rentals, dismantling & finalizing the remaining bills. We will stay in touch, to manage your post-wedding blues (it's a real thing)!