We invent scenarios to trick your fiancée-to-be and she will not find out until last minute. We sit down with you to understand your couple dynamic and create your own “life movie” and create amazing unique situations that become totally unexpected.

Imagine that we recreate a movie set for you, have hidden cameras that we wear on our eyeglasses, have actors playing their parts so it's not going to be your usual engagement. She will never see it coming and we will film these instant pre-planning moments until the surprise moment. Not only will you have an unforgettable proposal but as well a short trailer to share with your loved ones, to watch it over and over again.

Do you have questions about how to choose a ring or how to hide the ring?

Proposal etiquettes and how to ask the father for permission?

Or just what to say during your marriage proposal speech?

You just have to show up and get down on one knee. You can give her the dream proposal that she deserves!

NICOLE PLEASE got you covered!

Step 1: Once you booked NICOLE PLEASE, we will send you a detailed questionnaire to get to know both of you and your couple dynamic. From the moment you met, to what you love doing together – all the important details matter. 

Step 2: We will create completely customized proposal ideas with options to choose. It will be a one-of-a-kind proposal and nobody else in the world will have the same experience!

Step 3: After reviewing together the proposal ideas and answering all your questions you may have on your special day, you can decide if you prefer to execute everything by yourself or hand it over to NICOLE PLEASE to work our magic and make dreams come true! It has to be magical for you too!

Step 4: We will work with qualified vendors to provide the best results based on your budget. We will create the details, from colour palette, location scouting, customized decoration to ensure that the final proposal event will be romantic and unique!

Step 5: On the proposal date, we will coordinate from logistics, managing all the vendors, to schedule and time management, we will work on the minute to ensure the perfect surprise. Our problem-solving team is on-site to make sure that everything goes smooth. You can show up rest-assured and relaxed, ready to get down on one knee, and propose.


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