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Nicole Froelich

Plans weddings & proposals in Mandarin Chinese, German, Swiss-German, French & English.


Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Swiss-Taiwanese Nicole earned a career in Hospitality & Event Planning FOR OVER 15 YEARS & has amassed multiple years of experience in the wedding industry. 


With keen attention to detail, skills in solutions management & high proficiency in globalised settings, Nicole is a must-have planner for busy international couples.


Benoit Lavaud

Benoit, French-born, built his career in Cosmetics and Luxury groups in Europe and Asia before joining Nicole to develop Nicole Please Wedding.


Lived 7 years in Japan and 11 years in Hong Kong.


Background in Brand management, Business development, Customer Experience, Customer Service, and Events management.


Conference speaker and Workshop coach for several consulting missions. 

Nicole Please Weddings

“Nicole Please, plan my Wedding” is known for planning cross-cultural weddings, creating interlinks between multiple cultures and different religions, embracing personalised elements, and incorporating traditions. The challenge is not going to the Moon, Challenge is to make you feel you are on the Moon without going there. 

Ensuring your ideal wedding is memorable, joyful, unique and tailored to your demands, Nicole Please Weddings transforms any dreams into reality and makes the impossible possible. The word "limit" doesn't exist as we believes that possibilities are endless. They just need to be properly managed. 

Nicole’s selection of services includes Full Wedding Planning, Month of Coordination, Hotels Wedding Strategy Consulting , and Proposal Planning in world-renowned destinations such as Zurich, Gstaad, Ticino, Lucerne, Queenstown, Chiang Mai, Bali, Lake Como, Italy, Marrakech, Portugal, Ibiza, Hong Kong and many more.

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