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Couples say #NicoleThanks

Thank you Nicole and your team for helping us coordinate our special day. We feel so incredibly blessed that we were able to celebrate with all our loved ones post pandemic, and want to thank you for helping us ensure that everything went so smoothly!

Kristie Lam | Hong Kong, China

Their attention to detail and professionalism were exceptional, and we could not have asked for a better team to help us plan our special day. Thank you to Nicole and her team!

Ling Chan | Bali, Indonesia

So much to say about my wedding planner (and of course, a wonderful friend) Nicole - one of the best people I have ever met! So genuine, humble and hard-working. My fiancé and I were planning our big Indian wedding in Hong Kong in 2021, at the peak time of Covid - needless to with all the restrictions and laws in place, we were super stressed! But with Nicole as our planner, she made the entire process of wedding planning so smooth and easy-going! There was a lot of uncertainty for us during that time, multiple changes everyday and so many other factors in play due to the pandemic, but Nicole never even flinched! She had everything under control at all times and had amazing time management. Despite the fact that this was the first ever Indian wedding she had done, she pulled it off so beautifully, having done her own extensive research on the Hindu weddingtraditions and rituals and making sure every detail was taken care of.

it was honestly like planning my wedding with my best friend! In fact after the first meeting with her, I saved her contact on my phone as “New Bestie”! She was there at all my fittings, was in touch with both our families and made sure they were well taken care of and in the loop at all times. My mum often called her ‘Fairy godmother’, for how she transformed each of our event venues into something so magical. Her aesthetics and style were always on point!

The best thing about Nicole was that she never said no! No matter what we asked, she always found a way to get it done for us, and in the budget we required. Despite everything that was going on around the world, she truly gave me the wedding of my dreams and I will forever be grateful for that! My fiancé and I 100% agree that having Nicole as our wedding planner was the best decision we ever made!

Schoanna Vaswani | Hong Kong, China

Nicole came to me highly recommended through all of the research I did on planners, often coming in top in the list of searches. She did not disappoint - above all, her sense of romanticism and sensitivity to the couple's wishes and relationship are invaluable in ensuring that the proposal / wedding you get is unique to your story. I was also particularly impressed by her ability to pull off complicated rundowns, improvising as needed to adjust to unexpected situations. Throughout the experience, you can feel her support, both emotionally and practically, along with lending you her deep professional experience in crafting one of the most important days of your life.

I dealt with Nicole as the recipient of my now fiancee's proposal. Nicole was pretending to be a tour guide (all part of the proposal plan) and throughout the whole "tour" I was thoroughly convinced by the whole charade. What this speaks to is Nicole's professionalism and dedication to her job. Having spent a significant part of my proposal day with her, I can also say that she is a lovely person and was always helpful and thinking about how to give me the best experience. She was thoughtful down to the point of carrying my bags so I could take nicer photos! Nicole, it was so lovely getting to know you and a heartfelt thanks for helping my fiancee create a truly memorable day which I hope never to forget.

Derek Loh Wei Ming | London, United Kingdom

Merci Nicole from the bottom of our hearts, in meeting you we found a really talented wedding planner and a great friend too. It wasn’t easy navigating restrictions in Hong Kong, yet December turned out to be the most magical month where all the stars aligned to create unforgettable memories! Planning with you and having you there on the day was the perfect combo for us, it took away a lot of pressure and allowed us to be fully present and serene throughout.
Big hugs, C & L

Cindy Jourdain | Hong Kong, China

Nicole has impeccable taste & great attention to details. 
She is socially responsible & I trusted her completely. Nicole has a great eye, a good heart & a very organized brain! She is on top of it 24-7 … it will be an unforgettable, meaningful event that you will always treasure. Working with Nicole was a pleasure & the best decision I made!

Celina Jade | Queenstown, New Zealand

Thank you @nicolepleaseweddings for never leaving my side and being my emotional support and personal assistant over the course of the most manic 3 days of my life. And for the production of everything related to my bridesmaids and all the customised wedding items, and being THE BEST wedding consultant advising me on all the million different decisions I had to make relating to this wedding. We couldn’t have survived without you and we are eternally grateful. All brides need a @nicolefroe please!

Julie Kim | Ibiza, Spain

A big thank you to you Nicole , for having made our wedding in Morcote (Switzerland) an unforgettable and the most memorable day in our life.
We can confirm the previous posts and strongly recommend Nicole as wedding planer. She is highly professional, very structured and extremely driven.
Nicole was very helpful in many ways, but we especially appreciated her consulting before the wedding (finding the location, deco advice, negotiations with vendorr etc), on the wedding day (we couldn’t have enjoyed our wedding without her, she managed everything around us which allowed us to focus on ourselves) and also post wedding, Nicole finalized all remaining discussions with vendors etc.

Nicole, thanks a lot for everything and for making our wedding so memorable. See you soon hopefully in Switzerland.

Big hug Stella & Sam

Stella Aprebah | Morcote, Ticino, Switzerland

Nicole went above and beyond to take care of my engagement proposal. She took care of everything you can think of. From brainstorming ideas, to even the smallest details on the day itself that makes it special.

She really cares about your proposal and really wants to make it special. Even when working with the current restrictions (COVID19) she knows how to make it special.

Thank you Nicole!!

Raggy Lau | Hong Kong, China

We are so thankful for Nicole and her wisdom in the run up to our destination wedding in Morocco! From my first conversation with Nicole I felt confident that her perfectionist attitude, detail oriented approach and extensive insider knowledge of our venue were going to be invaluable in the planning process. Nicole is extremely responsive, reassuring and professional, she regularly sent us creative and exciting ideas, inspiration and suggestions to make our day unique and was always on hand to answer my late night whatsapps. Nicole is a dream to work with and an incredibly calming presence whilst also being a master negotiator and incredibly effective working with multiple vendors of different cultures and languages. Thank you Nicole for your extensive attention, Tim and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Lucy Hollamby | Marrakech, Morrocco

Nicole was my organizational right hand, who organised as well all my orders from Asia. But she was also a friend to me during this exciting wedding time. 
She has the talent to source all my desired products and supported me to create the perfect wedding. 

Maria Claudia Lorez | Lucerne, Switzerland

Nicole helped to us to get a clearer vision of the style and schedule of our wedding day.  She was there to support when stress got the best of us and gave great advice on how to be present and enjoy our favorite day to the max!

Sandy Weber | Stresa, Italy

The ideas and concepts that Nicole suggested for our wedding were so creative but yet timelessly classic and in keeping with the theme we had in our minds. She was able to take our thoughts and objectives to craft an event fit for our special occasion. Nicole dealt with everything from venue hire, flower arrangements, live music, f&b and decorations. She really took the stress away and handled all the ups and down with professionalism.

Rebecca Gow | Hong Kong, China

Nicole Please made my proposal memorable! After understanding what my fiancee liked, Nicole came up with the surprise to me luring her into an Elephant riding park in Bali. We were riding the elephants until they suddenly took an alternative route until we ended up at a Heli pad. It was time for us to get on that Helicopter, where we flew over the Volcano and Nicole's team started hiking before sunrise, to make it to the top and hold up the banner that said "Bebi, do you want to marry me". Nicole had a great sense of romance, yet was as well very detailed as everything had to be planned by the minute and especially everyone involved had to keep the surprise airtight. After the scenery flight, we landed at a beautiful Villa for a romantic lunch to celebrate. I understood that it was important to make this moment special for us and I succeeded, thanks to Nicole!

Josy Le | Bali, Indonesia

Were just looking back at all the photos and videos and wanted to say thank you really from the bottom of our hearts, that everything you did to make it a special night and something we will always remember from getting the decoration set up to absolutely perfect to just coordinating the whole flow and making sure the guestbook got signed at the end, that was also something super special to have done. 
And thank you for everything go so smoothly, we can't make it happen without your help. With your help we can fully enjoy ourselves and we don't have to worry about anything. We are so grateful and feel appreciated. Thank you again

Cherlene Doherty | Hong Kong, China

Deciding on a destination wedding was very daunting. My fiancé and I wanted to get married during the cooler months in Hong Kong, so we only had six months to plan. Despite the fact that I wanted to do things myself and be very hands on, I had to be realistic about the time I would have to fly back and forth from Manila. Nicole came very highly recommended by a family friend, and the moment I spoke to her on the phone I knew I was dealing with a professional. Not only is she very aware of what is available to brides in terms of weddings, she is a very capable events coordinator for any type of event. I had the easiest time corresponding with her through various chat groups and e-mails, and she was extremely organized. Her taste is flawless, and I had no problem entrusting what we considered the most important aspects to her, such as wine tasting and DJ canvassing. Meeting her for the first time was like greeting an old friend! If she had been available to come to Manila, I would have even asked her to come to my fittings! I had begun to rely on her for so many things, and definitely formed such an emotional attachment! She is a wonderful girl who happens to have a perfection streak that co-mingles with warmth you do not often see in those involved in vigorous event planning. I was happy to see that we made a good team right away, and noticed that she was very good at providing options – something my fiancé loved about her from the beginning. Every time we thought we had seen all there was to see, from florists to patisseries, she had a fresh alternative! My friends and I call her our little black book! Not only did Nicole give us the exact wedding we were hoping for, she exceeded any expectations we could have had. I like to think that not only did we have such a beautiful weekend that we will always remember, we now made a really amazing friend in the process. Everyone keeps asking me how I managed to pull such a gem of a wedding off, and I easily tell them that if they have Nicole, they can run a country and conquer the world!

Stephanie Chan | Hong Kong, China

Simply wonderful to have Nicole there to guide the wedding party through the big day – every mini-crisis dealt with a calm, reassuring smile, every person gently reminded where to be when – took a huge amount of stress away from us so we could take a moment to enjoy ourselves knowing that the details and plans were unfolding the right way. Worth her weight in gold!

Jennifer Zingg | St. Moritz, Switzerland

I'm so grateful to have found Nicole. After speaking to 5 different planners, I choose Nicole because she was the easiest and most passionate planner.

Throughout my entire experience working with her, I could tell that she took my big day to heart. I worked with her on my proposal and it went from simple to complex. At first I thought Nicole would show frustration as my plan became increasingly hard to execute. I even tried to simplify so it would be easier but she resisted and even pushed me to make it harder. She kept saying she wanted this day to be "perfect". 30+ tao bao orders, 346 rows of excel planning, 10 people to coordinate with, and 2 months of work later, the proposal was an absolute success.

Nicole really cares about her clients and goes above and beyond all expectations. I can't recommend her enough.

Chris Nguyen | Hong Kong, China

I could not be more glad to have had Nicole help plan my proposal.

She is a miracle worker who jumped through multiple hurdles to help plan the perfect proposal for my fiancé and I. Nicole worked tirelessly to ensure that every single detail was planned to a tee, no matter how hard it was to execute- working through remote locations, venue changes, vendor closures, weather contingencies and more. Her attention to detail, passion for her work and drive meant everything went seamlessly, and allowed us to soak in and enjoy one of the most special days of our lives. Nicole’s focus on getting to understand the couple and building a setup that was specifically tailored to us made the day even more memorable and is something that we will cherish.

Thank you Nicole for helping to execute a perfect day for us!

Romil Motwani | Hong Kong, China

Nicole is very friendly and caring, which, believe it or not, is a hugely important quality when you’re finding the perfect wedding planner. She is absolutely professional, and has so many stunning ideas. The best thing about her is that everyone was telling me we don’t have enough time to plan a wedding in just a month, but she soothed my stressed out brain and told me that a month is do-able. And in the end, the wedding was beautiful. Nicole, Please plan my everything!!

Tina Gao | Hong Kong, China

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